Purpose of EstablishmentThe main tasks of the Centre are to support teaching and administrative work, and to support general academic research and extension services. 
The main service items are: The
whole school Department, the Institute calculator course internship. 
  Calculator service for teacher teaching and research. 
  Administrative Unit Calculator support. 
  Calculator related courses are taught for short periods of time. 
  Software Consulting Services. 
  Calculator uses consulting services.
Successive supervisors107/08/01 ~ 110/07/31 鍾文仁 中心主任
107/02/01 ~ 107/07/31 鍾文仁 中心副主任
101/08/01 ~ 107/07/31 劉士豪 中心主任
98/08/01 ~ 101/07/31 張耀仁 中心主任
95/08/01 ~ 98/07/31 涂世雄 主任
91/08/01 ~ 95/07/31 賀嘉生 主任
85/08/01 ~ 91/07/31 鍾斌賢 主任
79/08/01 ~ 85/07/31 謝財明 主任
77/01/01 ~ 77/07/31 謝財明 主任
73/08/01 ~ 77/01/31 馮家金 主任
72/03/01 ~ 73/07/31 宋榮煌 主任
65/08/01 ~ 72/02/28 楊熙年 主任
63/10/01 ~ 65/07/31 黃天賜 主任
62/08/01 ~ 63/07/31 顧博光 主任
Important Stories1.96 years imported ISO 27001 Information security management system, and in March 97 passed the certification, 4 people through the SGS international certification.
2.201 years February The introduction of CMMI Level 2 system, after 21 months of efforts, on December 9, 2011 through the evaluation of certif
ication 3.2015 years December re-acquisition of ISO 27001 Information Security management system IEC ISO 27,001:2013 certification 
Future planningThe future of information management is information service, information technology personnel only through the cultivation of service mentality, technical can really be used for the benefit of all.In this context, ICC has planned four major effort objec
tives: (1). Customer Service Center: Former director Tu teacher and the current director Zhang has launched in line with the International standard ISO Customer Service Center building mechanism, will be in the next year to achieve a single telephone service window, as long as through a dedicated line number, you can enter the ICC services, most of the problems can be completed online processing, can not immediately deal with the project is in accordance Automatic access to the second line, limited period tube tracking.Through the customer service center enthusiasm quickly solve the school teachers and students Tongren computer problems, enhance the overall image of the university's information services. 
  (2). Green energy operation: There are plans to introduce green energy PC and host, so that student computer room, administrative computer can achieve the goal of energy saving and carbon reduction. 
  (3). Campus Resource Planning (Campus ERP): Establish a new service system infrastructure, in the online realization of cross-unit service process, provide staff students self-help inquiries and applications, effective use of data, save homework time, and can support school management and decision-making. 
  (4). Software Capability Maturity Specification: Introduction of international Software Maturity specification (Capability Maturity Model Integration, CMMI).Central Plains University, once imported successfully, will be a significant lead to the software level of other universities in the country.

First year o
f planning period (2009~2010) 1. Feasibilit
y Assessment of campus resource planning. 
  2. Pilot type evaluation of green energy room. 
  3. Start the software Capability Maturity Specification system. 
4. Set up a customer service center. 

 Second year (2010~20
11) 1. Campus resource planning system is built and started. 
  2. Establishment of a green energy room. 
  3. Obtain the software Capability Maturity specification second level verification. 
 Third year (2011~201
2) 1. Campus resource planning system continues to be built. 
  2. Push the green Energy administration computer. 
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