Minimum Credits Required for Degree: 128 credits

General Education (34credits):

Chinese(4), English(6), Basic Liberal Education courses(10), Extended Liberal Education courses(14)

EECS Required courses (27 credits)

Calculus(6), Physics(4), Linear Algebra(3), Engineering Mathematics(3), Probability and Statics I(3), Circuit Theory (4), Electronics (4)

AAI required courses(19 credits)

Introduction to Computer Science(6), Probability and Statics II(3), Introduction to Artificial Intelligence(3), Smart Computing Methods(3), Advances in Artificial Intelligence(2), Independent Study(2)

AAI core courses(6 credits)

Artificial Intelligence(3), Introduction to Data Mining(3), Machine Learning(3), Introduction to Deep Learning(3)

AAI Tracks+ Module courses (30 credits)

Smart Computing (15 credits):

Fundamental Courses (9 credits)

Data Structure(3), Analysis of Algorithms(3), Object Oriented Programming(3), Database Systems(3)

Extended Courses(6 credits)

Computer Systems(3), Embedded System Design and Implementation(3), Computer Networks

Computer Vision (15 credits):

Fundamental Courses (9 credits)

Signals and Systems(3), C Programming(3), Object Oriented Programming using Java(3)

Digital Signal Processing(3)

Extended Courses(6 credits)

Digital Image Processing(3), Android Application Design(3), Pattern Recognition(3)

Robotics (15 credits):

Fundamental Courses (9 credits)

Signals and Systems(3), Circuit Theory II(3), Engineering Mathematics II(3), Control Engineering(3)

Extended Courses(6 credits)

Applications of Sensors and Circuits Designs(3), Fuzzy Control(3), Introduction to FPGA Design

Smart Manufacturing (15 credits):

Fundamental Courses (9 credits)

Facility Planning(3), Human Factors and Ergonomics(3), Production Planning and Control(3), Engineering Economics(3)

Extended Courses(6 credits)

Operations Research I(3) Operations Research II(3)Quality Control(3), Industrial Safety Management and Applied Statistics(3)

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